Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arts: retributions from the clicks " and people.

(This is a fan music video who win a radio-head contest of videos received by the band from internet)

Arts -in general- are totally connected with the “today”. The contemporary world situation is dominated by the capitalism way of thinking not only in matters of economy, but in matters of education, technology, science, and obviously that affects to the social situation. Arts in matters of technique has to improve or use the new technologies that are causing impact today, but always reflecting about the different methods of productions, the use of materials and the un-functionally way to putting materials in art work: the violence on the mise en scène and the tergiversation of their normal use and meaning. That can be possible because the piece is put in the art system of contemplation.
The technology like a tool is very usefully to expand the radio of the art action and experience, the diffusion and obviously the contact with the public. The use of internet and different Medias has permitted to different artist to do ‘others’ kinds of work. Like for example, there are many sites that expose net-art, like graphics animation, videos, performance, intervention and register of art action that can be very easy to access to the public.
The way that opens the technology is usefully at the time to interact with the people. The education about Arts in Chile is very poor. The schools don’t talk about the historical meaning of the art, it’s reduces to do some canvas and painting, maybe and sculpture or a video: only technique. Like I say there are much information on internet about artist, art history and works in internet. But that shows us another problem: the reproduction of books, articles and papers that can be downloading for free in internet. I didn’t say that is no good, because to much information can be reunited thanks to that, but the authors and the writers… how can we live? That is a social thing. The job for the people who works in art is very difficult to find too, that is because this kind of work; like the pieces, has a symbolical value too. The works in art, for the capitalism vision, are ‘concretely’ un-functional and unproductive. It’s produce, in fact, thinking and for me happiness.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art School?

Our dear art faculty have many problems, especially in infrastructure.
The Art faculty Las Encinas in Juan Gomez Millas it's in a very bad architecture situation. The different manifestation and complains was about this point.

There are many spaces that can be occupied to do different activities are full works of Art remains. The building is more like and old high school than school of arts. The design doesn’t express any innovation and, if I can say, beauty and trendy that an art school has to have.

The infrastructure of the classroom and workshops are out of phase. And when rains all the things are messing up with the floods.

The bathrooms, men’s and woman’s, are much more meagre of others faculty: Their never has hygienic paper and recurrent full soap dispenser. The colour is very ugly too.

The bathrooms, the student workshop, and the library have to change their design and distribution to improve theirs functions. The renewals of the computers open to us different possibilities of works: Writings, design, video editing, and simple but not less important different uses of Internet. I think that a study quiet room is necessary too.

The benefits of the improvement were the possibility for every one the students to enjoy and use to the maximums all the spaces to the development of our different capacities, intellectuals and hand works.

I really think that many of the changes were because the poor situation of the faculty, because Arts, in Chile, doesn’t generate the necessary economic resources. The entrance of funds contributions is necessary.
But anyway different proposal accompanied by an amount of money has been suggest with the Bicentenary plans if renovations.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tour-ing stgo!

Sometimes the stressful capital city can be a little gray, boring and uncanny, but I really think that Santiago can be a very beautiful city if we look into the right places.

I think that the first place that different visitor of our capital have to visit is "Santiago Centro", the place that I live. There is diverse kind of monument that has been part of our history like the Parliament, parade ground “Plaza de Armas”, the cathedral, the different ministers and the government house "La Moneda”, which subway keeps the cultural center called equally “La Moneda”.

To the north of “Santiago Centro” has placed the “Estacion Mapocho” and the “Mercado”, a really nice place where we can have a delightfully evening with sea food. A “mariscal” – according to the popular saying – is very useful against the handover.

Another reason to go out for a walk is the very interesting route around the Forestall Park. Museums like the “Bellas Artes” and the Contemporary Art are just of a few steps to the Santa Lucia cliff a very nice place to enjoy a picnic.

Follow for the Mapocho River we arrive to the Bellavista neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is full of bars and dance clubs that we can past so a chill out afternoon or a really funny night. In day, at the end of Pio Nono, we can go to the San Cristobal hill and go to the Zoo too.

I really enjoy my stay in the capital, doing a lot of funny and crazy stuffs, with all the different plans to my reach.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The incoherence, the absurd and the funniest thing are my territory, so I think that the Dadaism is one of my favorite Avant garde.

The Dada ways of thinking were initiated by Triztan Tzara in the Voltaire Cabaret in 1916. The dadas ideas were based in the rupture of the old tradition of art, part of the past world devastated by the absurd war. A group of young well-off gentlemen who were escaping from the horror of the first world war, celebrated different reunions to promote ideas and works about arts and the meaning of that word-institution-stuff. The different construction of the dadas was definited like anti-art because they wanted to break up with all the concern about the terrible old past years world and especially with the conception of art tradition.

Their pieces of art (or anti-art) were constructed by not usual kind of materials and forms of the traditional arts, like for example, incoherence poems that their contents were only phonetics writed sounds. In fact a thing that I really love about dadas was the different performances that they do in many of their reunions like Hugo Bäll’s costume of the parody about the process of the geometric kind of form.

But the Dada that I like most is from the “Berlin Dada”. In the exposition one of the most rupturist art of the time were took placed; like a little girl wearing a dress of First Communion and saying rude words. An artist who enhanced was Max Earn and the piece of trunk that has to be cutted by the different public: a first way to the crowd takes really and graphically part of the piece of art.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transport, insects and color!: transantiago, from the yellow to worm

If I wanna talk about the transantiago, I have to say, firstly, that I live in the south for many years, half of my life actually, so when I came to study in Santiago , this transport system has already implemented. But I has tested the old system in many of my stays, almost all my family live in the capital. The called "Micros Amarillas" has many advantages and obviously disadvantages versus the "orugas" of the transantiago. The first of them , the "micros", was so much faster than the "orugas", but more dangerous too. The transantiago drivers are too much kindly than the past bus driver. I think, that is because the direct treatment with the people who aboard the bus everyday. The new system bip! of payment is so much impersonal than the old system of "chin chin".

For me that I'm a really unsocial but not unkindly person with the general people, I mean passengers and crowd, the transantiago system has some good things, like the fact that I didn't have to treat with the bus operator because the "Tne" bip! do it for me. But, honestly, is very annoying have to travel so close to the several mass of people who arrives into the bus because their haven't other option. The smell and the unkind music that some people makes sound from theirs cellphones are very standed because my headphones and my mp4, that I hopefully wait that a really bad person doesn't stealth me!

I really don't know what changes to do to the actual public transport. I really expect that the many problems with the mass quantity of people who aboard the system in the "pick" hour has a solution...Ah! and other thing! The "metro" has to be open all night looong!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Starting : a lazy idea of Gender

I began this post with a topic that maybe it's transcendental for the understanding of different behaviours of the humanity between de centuries; the gender.
The developing of the different histories of the mankind has been marked with a strongest point of view; the masculine one. Mostly all constructions of the universal concepts and visions of the events and facts were got used to being told by man authors. The same concept of the rationality, important to the modern thinking is a concept associated to what was called 'the masculine' in opposition of the sensitive associated to 'the feminine".
In the last centuries have has been relevant the role who has play the women in the different areas. The changes that brought the industrialization makes those different kinds of woman went out of their home and changes the role give by the antique conception of them. The woman of the working-class, for theirs needs, has no idea about the big step that they were began in the radical change of thinking about our determinations of our cultural world, that in first place define what we are.
But the world its still know in the contemporary time determinate by the masculine look colonization of the spaces. And Chile isn’t the exception.
So then, the concept about us is marked culturally by our sexuality feminine or masculine. But, if we are self conscious about this cultural determination…
Why to follow it? How to describe our selves based in constructed idea of gender?
We’re just creatures of desire, conscious of us chooses, and free.

Monday, June 8, 2009

C. Perez; Freud unblind me!

My favorite subject in this semester its "Del Verosímil" or arts and psychoanalysis. The professor who teaches that subject is Carlos Perez, who is a very special character. He put a very strong emphasis in his teaching, especially when he talks about really really important stuffs. He looks very excited when he pronounces words in German, and personally the language likes me a lot too! The subject talks about interesting topics who involves the perceptions of truth of the world and us human behavior. Authors like Jay, Benjamin, and specially Freud are really essential to understand our modern living. The marcs that different facts leaves us like impressions are is reflected in all of the culture history. Like our professor says the marcs that affect ourselves in the moment that we aren’t subjects, are re-significant after, affecting to us in all ours present beings. I really likes this subject because is open my experience of the things, to see more than a superficial impression and search the real truth of the forms! O:! I’m a lover of the details, the funny and imperceptible things. Now I know that this little moments and gestures of ours lives are really essential to understand a lot of ourselves, the others, and obviously the artistic creations.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Immanuel Kant

I'm not going to talk about only one author of my specific field, the aesthetic, because there are so many different kinds of thinking trends, that choose only one writer will be very difficult and impoverish the importance of the influences of different school thoughts.

But, without doubt, one of the most important author that open the modern thinking was Immanuel Kant.

Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher born in 1724, in middle of the age of Enlightenment, when was the primacy of the reason, concept taken of the ancients Greeks philosopher and articulated under the Decart's postulate "cogito ergo sum" or "I think, therefore I am".

The writes and critics of Kant, based in thinking about the human works, influenced different areas like science, politics and obviously aesthetic.

His most important work for the aesthetic was the "Kritik der Urteilskraft" or "Critic to the faculty of Judgments".

The critic talks about the special condition of the aesthetic judgment, in the relation of representations and the same subject, opening in that way the after reflections and critics about subjectivity and arts.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite piece of technology is one of the most integral machines that have ever been created: the computer. I has being used it since I was fourth years old. The first time when I saw a computer was when my mother took me to her university.

I think that the computer is a very important machine because contain a lot of specific function; since to keep different files like pictures, videos and stuffs, play some really cool games, communicate with miles of different people, until do very difficult things like programming, design, an edition. This piece of technology helps us to do many kind of works. Its very transversal to all the different areas like arts for example.

For me, the computer is part of my life. All the really cool stuffs with that I cannot live are filed there: My movies, music and writes. I considered myself like a "downloads" lover. Other things that I like to do in the computer is video edition. I really like the cinenma, the seventh art. Because of that I think that the video camera is one of my favority invencion too. I really think that this to technologies are really complementary between thems; together theirs open a really different way to do arts.

Monday, April 27, 2009

why arts?

At first I want to study cinema, but I decided to study art history because a little and important change of plans...
I study art history because I think the art it's an expression and a reflexion about the limits between our and the perception of our lives in all of the aspect that are condensed in them. I think that different pieces of art consumed, in they self language, a world constructed in a conscious way that permit us to question and reflect about the meaning of the construct of our society, ours elf, our truth.
The most important thing that an art historian has to have it's consciousness and knowledge about the world and the culture; not only the information, the facts, but the building and work of that.
I care principally about the relation of the "individual person" with the representations and his construction of world. Because of that I like aesthetics subjects.

The most important thing....that...I might be wrong...or not... ;D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The voyage of the sounds

I remember the last year I travel a lot, because my family were in the south of the country, in Temuco. But a really special holiday was a journey near of Santiago in Pirque. It was in the end of August, when a very special friend "Arzo" called me in the morning invited me to a event call "El encuentro de los vientos". The trip was very usual; we wait another friends, we bought some food and stuffs. The real journey begging when we arrived to our destination. I remember many people with winds instruments doing a lot of "melodic noise". At first all the musicians play their instrument alone, but in a great moment all of them where connected in a crazy and fantastic mass of sounds! The didgeridoo was connected with the drums, the flutes with others flutes, and others very weird instruments with others and others. It was marvelous! My friends and I just sat on the grass, listened the sounds and enjoy the moment!

Monday, April 13, 2009

little words

I reffer to myself like a oceanic person.

The meaning of that it's because my massive feels about of the pure blue ocean embrace all the little things that I do. And this blog is one of them.

I preffer to describe myself like a purple whale that listen different kind of music because I like to drive to many places with the sounds.

I really like to write! this moment my head is empty and full....I can think in anything ;D

be pacient! the deepest sea it's full of surprices. It's full of weird oceanic stuffs.