Thursday, August 13, 2009

Starting : a lazy idea of Gender

I began this post with a topic that maybe it's transcendental for the understanding of different behaviours of the humanity between de centuries; the gender.
The developing of the different histories of the mankind has been marked with a strongest point of view; the masculine one. Mostly all constructions of the universal concepts and visions of the events and facts were got used to being told by man authors. The same concept of the rationality, important to the modern thinking is a concept associated to what was called 'the masculine' in opposition of the sensitive associated to 'the feminine".
In the last centuries have has been relevant the role who has play the women in the different areas. The changes that brought the industrialization makes those different kinds of woman went out of their home and changes the role give by the antique conception of them. The woman of the working-class, for theirs needs, has no idea about the big step that they were began in the radical change of thinking about our determinations of our cultural world, that in first place define what we are.
But the world its still know in the contemporary time determinate by the masculine look colonization of the spaces. And Chile isn’t the exception.
So then, the concept about us is marked culturally by our sexuality feminine or masculine. But, if we are self conscious about this cultural determination…
Why to follow it? How to describe our selves based in constructed idea of gender?
We’re just creatures of desire, conscious of us chooses, and free.


  1. Geni, I agree with you, as we talked in the bus this afternoon... This ideas about female and male are so arbitrary, nothing to do with what we are... We are sequential hermafrodites!! xD

  2. yeahh!!! freedoom of the essencialist concept of beeeeeen