Monday, April 27, 2009

why arts?

At first I want to study cinema, but I decided to study art history because a little and important change of plans...
I study art history because I think the art it's an expression and a reflexion about the limits between our and the perception of our lives in all of the aspect that are condensed in them. I think that different pieces of art consumed, in they self language, a world constructed in a conscious way that permit us to question and reflect about the meaning of the construct of our society, ours elf, our truth.
The most important thing that an art historian has to have it's consciousness and knowledge about the world and the culture; not only the information, the facts, but the building and work of that.
I care principally about the relation of the "individual person" with the representations and his construction of world. Because of that I like aesthetics subjects.

The most important thing....that...I might be wrong...or not... ;D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The voyage of the sounds

I remember the last year I travel a lot, because my family were in the south of the country, in Temuco. But a really special holiday was a journey near of Santiago in Pirque. It was in the end of August, when a very special friend "Arzo" called me in the morning invited me to a event call "El encuentro de los vientos". The trip was very usual; we wait another friends, we bought some food and stuffs. The real journey begging when we arrived to our destination. I remember many people with winds instruments doing a lot of "melodic noise". At first all the musicians play their instrument alone, but in a great moment all of them where connected in a crazy and fantastic mass of sounds! The didgeridoo was connected with the drums, the flutes with others flutes, and others very weird instruments with others and others. It was marvelous! My friends and I just sat on the grass, listened the sounds and enjoy the moment!

Monday, April 13, 2009

little words

I reffer to myself like a oceanic person.

The meaning of that it's because my massive feels about of the pure blue ocean embrace all the little things that I do. And this blog is one of them.

I preffer to describe myself like a purple whale that listen different kind of music because I like to drive to many places with the sounds.

I really like to write! this moment my head is empty and full....I can think in anything ;D

be pacient! the deepest sea it's full of surprices. It's full of weird oceanic stuffs.