Thursday, September 3, 2009


The incoherence, the absurd and the funniest thing are my territory, so I think that the Dadaism is one of my favorite Avant garde.

The Dada ways of thinking were initiated by Triztan Tzara in the Voltaire Cabaret in 1916. The dadas ideas were based in the rupture of the old tradition of art, part of the past world devastated by the absurd war. A group of young well-off gentlemen who were escaping from the horror of the first world war, celebrated different reunions to promote ideas and works about arts and the meaning of that word-institution-stuff. The different construction of the dadas was definited like anti-art because they wanted to break up with all the concern about the terrible old past years world and especially with the conception of art tradition.

Their pieces of art (or anti-art) were constructed by not usual kind of materials and forms of the traditional arts, like for example, incoherence poems that their contents were only phonetics writed sounds. In fact a thing that I really love about dadas was the different performances that they do in many of their reunions like Hugo Bäll’s costume of the parody about the process of the geometric kind of form.

But the Dada that I like most is from the “Berlin Dada”. In the exposition one of the most rupturist art of the time were took placed; like a little girl wearing a dress of First Communion and saying rude words. An artist who enhanced was Max Earn and the piece of trunk that has to be cutted by the different public: a first way to the crowd takes really and graphically part of the piece of art.


  1. I was surprised when the teacher of rupture show the work of the dada but I like more their weird poems

  2. DA DA DA DA AD AD D A D A I like very much! and it´s crazy like you!

  3. i like the Dada but my favourite is the surrealism, especially the work of Rene Magritte.
    see you ^^

  4. "...Thus DADA was born, of a necessity of independence, of a distrust towards the community.." that's the unique merit that I grant to dadaísm

    See you :)