Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art School?

Our dear art faculty have many problems, especially in infrastructure.
The Art faculty Las Encinas in Juan Gomez Millas it's in a very bad architecture situation. The different manifestation and complains was about this point.

There are many spaces that can be occupied to do different activities are full works of Art remains. The building is more like and old high school than school of arts. The design doesn’t express any innovation and, if I can say, beauty and trendy that an art school has to have.

The infrastructure of the classroom and workshops are out of phase. And when rains all the things are messing up with the floods.

The bathrooms, men’s and woman’s, are much more meagre of others faculty: Their never has hygienic paper and recurrent full soap dispenser. The colour is very ugly too.

The bathrooms, the student workshop, and the library have to change their design and distribution to improve theirs functions. The renewals of the computers open to us different possibilities of works: Writings, design, video editing, and simple but not less important different uses of Internet. I think that a study quiet room is necessary too.

The benefits of the improvement were the possibility for every one the students to enjoy and use to the maximums all the spaces to the development of our different capacities, intellectuals and hand works.

I really think that many of the changes were because the poor situation of the faculty, because Arts, in Chile, doesn’t generate the necessary economic resources. The entrance of funds contributions is necessary.
But anyway different proposal accompanied by an amount of money has been suggest with the Bicentenary plans if renovations.