Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite piece of technology is one of the most integral machines that have ever been created: the computer. I has being used it since I was fourth years old. The first time when I saw a computer was when my mother took me to her university.

I think that the computer is a very important machine because contain a lot of specific function; since to keep different files like pictures, videos and stuffs, play some really cool games, communicate with miles of different people, until do very difficult things like programming, design, an edition. This piece of technology helps us to do many kind of works. Its very transversal to all the different areas like arts for example.

For me, the computer is part of my life. All the really cool stuffs with that I cannot live are filed there: My movies, music and writes. I considered myself like a "downloads" lover. Other things that I like to do in the computer is video edition. I really like the cinenma, the seventh art. Because of that I think that the video camera is one of my favority invencion too. I really think that this to technologies are really complementary between thems; together theirs open a really different way to do arts.