Monday, June 8, 2009

C. Perez; Freud unblind me!

My favorite subject in this semester its "Del Verosímil" or arts and psychoanalysis. The professor who teaches that subject is Carlos Perez, who is a very special character. He put a very strong emphasis in his teaching, especially when he talks about really really important stuffs. He looks very excited when he pronounces words in German, and personally the language likes me a lot too! The subject talks about interesting topics who involves the perceptions of truth of the world and us human behavior. Authors like Jay, Benjamin, and specially Freud are really essential to understand our modern living. The marcs that different facts leaves us like impressions are is reflected in all of the culture history. Like our professor says the marcs that affect ourselves in the moment that we aren’t subjects, are re-significant after, affecting to us in all ours present beings. I really likes this subject because is open my experience of the things, to see more than a superficial impression and search the real truth of the forms! O:! I’m a lover of the details, the funny and imperceptible things. Now I know that this little moments and gestures of ours lives are really essential to understand a lot of ourselves, the others, and obviously the artistic creations.


  1. Genaa carlos perez is my favouirite subject too! he is great and i love him jajaja

    I don't have anything more to say than that.

  3. I think I want to go to that class too.

  4. I have thae some feeling about Carlos Ossa, I love his class is quite excite just be sitting there.

    I love Perez!!!! He that... i don't know how to say it... so... Nervous, craziting (condensation xD), lovely lovely and just here do you have an excess of emotion, i don't know why. Da pick is so Perez, some sadistic (don't ask me what mean that haha)