Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The voyage of the sounds

I remember the last year I travel a lot, because my family were in the south of the country, in Temuco. But a really special holiday was a journey near of Santiago in Pirque. It was in the end of August, when a very special friend "Arzo" called me in the morning invited me to a event call "El encuentro de los vientos". The trip was very usual; we wait another friends, we bought some food and stuffs. The real journey begging when we arrived to our destination. I remember many people with winds instruments doing a lot of "melodic noise". At first all the musicians play their instrument alone, but in a great moment all of them where connected in a crazy and fantastic mass of sounds! The didgeridoo was connected with the drums, the flutes with others flutes, and others very weird instruments with others and others. It was marvelous! My friends and I just sat on the grass, listened the sounds and enjoy the moment!


  1. That really sounds like a great experience!! Can you give me more details about it?

  2. Hi Gena, Your trip sounds quite surrealistic, and magic, almost like a movie of Kusturica. I wonder if this event is common in Pirque, and if you go to this often. That's it, Bye