Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arts: retributions from the clicks " and people.

(This is a fan music video who win a radio-head contest of videos received by the band from internet)

Arts -in general- are totally connected with the “today”. The contemporary world situation is dominated by the capitalism way of thinking not only in matters of economy, but in matters of education, technology, science, and obviously that affects to the social situation. Arts in matters of technique has to improve or use the new technologies that are causing impact today, but always reflecting about the different methods of productions, the use of materials and the un-functionally way to putting materials in art work: the violence on the mise en scène and the tergiversation of their normal use and meaning. That can be possible because the piece is put in the art system of contemplation.
The technology like a tool is very usefully to expand the radio of the art action and experience, the diffusion and obviously the contact with the public. The use of internet and different Medias has permitted to different artist to do ‘others’ kinds of work. Like for example, there are many sites that expose net-art, like graphics animation, videos, performance, intervention and register of art action that can be very easy to access to the public.
The way that opens the technology is usefully at the time to interact with the people. The education about Arts in Chile is very poor. The schools don’t talk about the historical meaning of the art, it’s reduces to do some canvas and painting, maybe and sculpture or a video: only technique. Like I say there are much information on internet about artist, art history and works in internet. But that shows us another problem: the reproduction of books, articles and papers that can be downloading for free in internet. I didn’t say that is no good, because to much information can be reunited thanks to that, but the authors and the writers… how can we live? That is a social thing. The job for the people who works in art is very difficult to find too, that is because this kind of work; like the pieces, has a symbolical value too. The works in art, for the capitalism vision, are ‘concretely’ un-functional and unproductive. It’s produce, in fact, thinking and for me happiness.