Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tour-ing stgo!

Sometimes the stressful capital city can be a little gray, boring and uncanny, but I really think that Santiago can be a very beautiful city if we look into the right places.

I think that the first place that different visitor of our capital have to visit is "Santiago Centro", the place that I live. There is diverse kind of monument that has been part of our history like the Parliament, parade ground “Plaza de Armas”, the cathedral, the different ministers and the government house "La Moneda”, which subway keeps the cultural center called equally “La Moneda”.

To the north of “Santiago Centro” has placed the “Estacion Mapocho” and the “Mercado”, a really nice place where we can have a delightfully evening with sea food. A “mariscal” – according to the popular saying – is very useful against the handover.

Another reason to go out for a walk is the very interesting route around the Forestall Park. Museums like the “Bellas Artes” and the Contemporary Art are just of a few steps to the Santa Lucia cliff a very nice place to enjoy a picnic.

Follow for the Mapocho River we arrive to the Bellavista neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is full of bars and dance clubs that we can past so a chill out afternoon or a really funny night. In day, at the end of Pio Nono, we can go to the San Cristobal hill and go to the Zoo too.

I really enjoy my stay in the capital, doing a lot of funny and crazy stuffs, with all the different plans to my reach.


  1. Gena,,,, Why don't you give me arrive to Bellavista? It must be so much fun with your company!!!!!!

  2. uhh nice idea to make a picnic in the hill!!
    let's do that some day!

  3. The center of Santiago has a special mistery, and we have the privilege to live there and to feel it.

    See you Génesis... have a great weekend.