Monday, April 27, 2009

why arts?

At first I want to study cinema, but I decided to study art history because a little and important change of plans...
I study art history because I think the art it's an expression and a reflexion about the limits between our and the perception of our lives in all of the aspect that are condensed in them. I think that different pieces of art consumed, in they self language, a world constructed in a conscious way that permit us to question and reflect about the meaning of the construct of our society, ours elf, our truth.
The most important thing that an art historian has to have it's consciousness and knowledge about the world and the culture; not only the information, the facts, but the building and work of that.
I care principally about the relation of the "individual person" with the representations and his construction of world. Because of that I like aesthetics subjects.

The most important thing....that...I might be wrong...or not... ;D


  1. I think very similar to you in some things. could take all the knowledge that you received in this career and then, maybe apply it into the cinema.

  2. Hi Genesis!
    I think you are a very clear person, and you point of view is open and it can gives to you a lot of possibilities to develop in the future.
    Vey interesting!

  3. That's fantastic Gena! very deep and clear. You greats ideas, YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS!!

  4. you are becoming a big important aestetics investigator or something like that!!
    send you a big hug!

  5. Dear Genesis
    your mark will be affected by the fact that you are not publishing any comments.